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The Pursuit of Our Mission

Strong Enough Counseling, LLC is committed to providing clients with the highest possible service, delivered with integrity, ingenuity, focus, respect and professionalism. Our goal is to provide quality counseling that bridges the gap between the community and mental health providers. Let us provide you with the substance for today and the strength for tomorrow. Together through a variety of services including life coaching/mentoring, behavioral health education, workshops, seminars and counseling, we will help  you identify you are Strong Enough.  


Strong Enough Counseling, LLC is passionate about helping clients overcome barriers that prevent growth and happiness. We use evidence based intervention to help individuals, couples and youth reach their goal. We focus on helping you identify where you are in the stages of change.  Our mission is simple, help clients increase their capacity to cope, heal, learn and grow by providing an environment that welcomes time for real self-care. You have the courage! You have the tools!  You Are Strong Enough!

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